Background information

  • In vintage 1996: no information about batonnage.
  • In vintage 1999: "minimal" amount of batonnage in fear that the wines might become ponderous and lack elegance.
  • In vintage 2003: about the same amount of batonnage as normal



  • Chassagne Caillerets (May 2013): not oxidized [MLT]


  • Chassagne Caillerets (Nov 2012): not oxidized, but lots of botrytis and unlikely to improve from here [MLT]


  • Batard Montrachet (May 2009): fine, no oxidation [MLee]


  • Chassagne Caillerets (12 May 2005): (magnum) not oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Jul 2008): not oxidized but mature now, from 0.375 [MLee]


  • Chassagne Caillerets (Apr 2005): not oxidized [R DeAngelo]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Dec 2006): definite notes of oxidation... bummer! [Mark A. F. Weiss)
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Jan 2008): Oxidized, hideous by second day [Frank Drew]
  • Chassagne Morgeots (Apr 2010): both of two oxidized. one slightly and still drinkable. the other completely shot [Stu Jakub]
  • Chassagne Chenevottes (Jan 2006): not oxidized, quite youthful [Jim Miller]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (2008-2010) six oxidized bottles in a row. A few more left. (A Fenster)
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Apr 2013) Fresh and young. A lovely wine. Go figure. (A Fenster)
  • Batard Montrachet (Jan 2014): bouquet slightly oxidized, but voluptuous on the mouth. (George Ho)


  • Batard Montrachet (Aug 2008) not oxidized, but quite ready [Dale Williams]
  • Bâtard–Montrachet (Var. dates 2014 – Jul. 2017): 3 btls not oxidized. Glorious wine, better decanted. From a lot of 6 purchased privately in Hong Kong in Feb. 2014.
  • Chassagne Blanchot Dessus (May 2007): Not oxidized, from .375, excellent, classic [Frank Drew]
  • Chassagne Blanchot Dessus (Dec 2012): Not oxidized, but pretty advanced - drink up [MLT]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Dec 2007): Fine, no oxidation at all, from 0.375 [MLee]


  • Chassagne Caillerets (June 2008): Very fresh, no problem at all [Paul Dellar]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Aug 2008): Just a touch of oxidation, drinkable but drink up, from 0.375 [MLee]
  • Chassagne Morgeot (Mar 2010): Oxidized to the point of undrinkable, from 0,375 [M. Døviken]


  • Chassagne Blanchot Dessus (Oct 2012): Not oxidized. Decent but not as good as more recent vintages of this wine. [MLT]
  • Chassagne Blanchot Dessus (Dec 2012): Not oxidized, needed 1/2 hour decant and then showed very well [MLT]
  • Chassagne Blanchot Dessus (Jul 2013): Oxidized, undrinkable [MLT]
  • Chassagne Blanchot Dessus (Aug 2013): Oxidized, undrinkable [MLT]
  • Chassagne Maltroie (Nov 2007): Not oxidized, excellent, very youthful and structured [BDelancy]
  • Chassagne Maltroie (Sept. 2009): Very nice wine in an excellent place right now; not oxidized [H. Cooper]
  • Chassagne Maltroie (January 2010): Really nice wine, but much more mature than a few months ago. Not at all oxidized currently, but I would drink remaining bottles [H. Cooper]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Mar 2008): Oxidised, terrible (Al Lacy)
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Apr 2008): Not oxidised, perfect (Al Lacy)
  • Chassagne Caillerets (July 2008): Another gorgeous bottle celebrating our engagement (A Lacy)
  • Batard Montrachet (Oct 2008): fine, no oxidation [MLee]


  • Batard Montrachet (Oct 2008): fine, no oxidation [MLee]


  • Chassagne Boudriotte (Dec 2012): Not oxidized, showed lots of sulphur [MLT]
  • Chassagne Boudriotte (Apr 2013): not oxidized but a little underwhelming compared to the quality the Caillerets sometimes attains [MLT]
  • Chassagne Boudriotte (Sept 2013): not oxidized [MLT]
  • Chassagne Boudriotte (Jul 2014): Oxidized [MLT]


  • Chassagne Morgeot (December 2008): Elegant and crisp. not oxidized. [Stu Jakub].
  • Chassagne Caillerets (August 2012): Not oxidized. [WL].


  • Chassagne Caillerets (March 2011): Out of half bottle. Not oxidized but badly corked. Will try again but I continue to have issues with JN Gagnard. [Stu Jakub].
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Nov 2012, two bottles): Not oxidized; superb. Needs decanting. [MLT]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Mar 2013): Not oxidized, needed about 30 mins of air [MLT]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (May 2014): Not oxidized, drinking very well [MLT]
  • Chassagne–Montrachet "Les Caillerets" (Oct. 2016 – ): 5 btls not oxidized. Beautiful light gold color. Highly perfumed nose of minerals (inc. talcum powder), most uncharacteristic of this cuvée: my experience, since the 1980's, suggests that the nose should have notes of ginger & ripe orchard fruit. Best served decanted. 6 btls purchased from a reputable West Coast retailer's auction platform in Mar. & Aug. 2015. [Rayner Cheung]


  • Batard Montrachet (Aug 2013):Not oxidized,tight and young [R Younger]


Blanchot Dessus (June, 2017): oxidized ( D Tunnell)