Background information

  • In vintage 1995: used batonnage, apparently once every 10 days, until the end of ML fermentaton.
  • In vintage 1996: used batonnage; stirred lees every 10 days; continued stirring "longer than usual" in 96 but discontinued at unspecified date prior to end of May 1997.
  • In vintage 1999: stirred the lees every 10 days.
  • In vintage 2000: per Allen Meadows: "elected to extend the √©levage period by several months in 2000 because he believed the wines would benefit from more b√Ętonnage and thus did not bottle the upper level wines until December."
  • In vintage 2002: stirred the lees every ten days or so until the end of the malolactic fermentation.
  • In vintage 2004: Target level of free SO2 raised to 40 ppm for this and subsequent vintages
  • In vintage 2006: almost no batonnage.



Montrachet (Nov 2008) shot, undrinkable, dark golden color, tasted like a sherried Sauternes [Alan Weinberg]


  • Chassagne Les Caillerets (May 2005); Slightly oxidized, not bad to drink [Frank Drew]
  • Chassagne Les Vergers (August 2003): Not oxidized; quite rich, fairly good, but not really my style [Frank Drew]


  • Chassagne Les Vergers (Dec 2006): Not oxidized; rich, creamy, surprisingly oaky [Frank Drew]
  • Puligny Demoiselles (Jan 2005): young + fresh, not oxidized [Lewis Dawson]
  • Puligny Demoiselles (14 Oct 2005): oxidised, undrinkable [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Demoiselles (Feb 2006): 1st bottle oxidized and undrinkable. 2nd bottle semi-oxidized, drinkable but not what it should be [Lewis Dawson]


  • Chassagne Caillerets(Mar 09): Not oxidized, minerals, fresh, very good [Hillard Sharf]


  • Puligny Les Demoiselles (March 2008): Not oxidised (but fairly ordinary) [Paul Dellar]
  • Puligny Les Demoiselles (Feb 2009): Not oxidised, better than the previous bottle [Paul Dellar]
  • Chassagne Les Vergers (June 2008): Not oxidized; excellent; last of ten bottles, only only one of which was questionable [David Honig]
  • Chassagne Les Vergers (Feb-Aug 2009): Four bottles, progressively more advanced; the last two clearly oxidized [David Honig]


Chassagne Caillerets (Oct 09 to May 10). 4/6 bottles undrinkable due to premox.1 ok. 1 drinkable .
( Michael Noble)
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Aug 2008) not oxidized [Dale Williams]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Mar 2008) oxidized, or at least far enough down the path for it be noticeably bad [Alex Williamson]
  • Chassagne Clos St. Jean (May and October 2008): Two bottles; not oxidized, quite young [David Honig]
  • Chassagne Les Vergers (Aug 2006): Not oxidized, still youthful. [Joe Durnell]
  • Chassagne Les Vergers (Oct 2007): Not oxidized, maybe a touch more advanced than the previous bottle, but still young. [Joe Durnell]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Dec 2008) not oxidized [Peter Muto]


  • Chassagne-Montrachet Les Vergers (Feb 2012): fully oxidized [droch]
  • Chassagne-Montrachet Les Vergers (June 2012): not oxidized. Youthful and fresh. Excellent [droch]


  • Saint Aubin En Remilly (June 2009): demonstrating the earliest signs of premox [Tom Reddick]
  • Chassagne Champs-Gains (March 2012): from a 0.375 l bottle. The 2005s of Guy Amiot in the 0.375 l bottle are sealed with a plastic cork. Completely oxidized. Dealer said that other 2005 Amiot half bottles he has tried are not completely oxidized, but have lost a lot of character [Stephan Bauer]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Jul 2012): not oxidized [WL]
  • Puligny Demoiselles (Feb 2018): not oxidized; showing well [Yao C]


  • Chassagne-Montrachet, Clos St.Jean (August 2014): Case of six bottles - all OK. Good, but not extraordinary. (Christian Seger)


  • Chassagne-Montrachet, Les Vergers (September 2014): Opened 19 bottles for a function - 18 were very good and 1 was badly oxidized. (Kent M)
  • Chassagne-Montrachet, Les Vergers (April 2015): very good and fresh (Kent M)
  • Chassagne-Montrachet, Les Vergers (Dec 2016): amazingly fresh (Kent M)


  • Chassagne-Montrachet, Les Vergers (September 2014): Opened 18 bottles for a function - 16 were very good and 2 were oxidized. (Kent M)
  • Chassagne-Montrachet, Les Vergers (April 2015): fresh and lively. (Kent M)
  • Chassagne-Montrachet, Les Vergers (November 2016) 3 in fine condition, 1 badly corked (Kent M)