Background information

  • In vintage 1995: batonnage information unknown.
  • In vintage 1996: used batonnage; stirred weekly through ML completion.
  • In vintage 2003: very little batonnage
  • In vintage 2005: stirred weekly for the first two months and then "cut back on batonnage for fear of getting heavy wines."



  • Meursault Perrieres (30 Jun 2006): crispy, not oxidized [H. Steininger & friends]


  • Meursault Perrieres (30 Jun 2006): not oxidized but very ripe [H. Steininger & friends]


  • Meursault Perrieres (Feb-Sep 2004): 9 bottles consumed between 15th of Feb and 29th of Sep. Of the first 8, none were oxidized and every one was clearly outstanding. The last bottle was medium full gold, had toasty aromas and slightly sweet heavy flavors--hmm [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (16 Apr 2005): clearly partially oxidized, still outstanding, but quite advanced [Don Cornwell]


  • Meursault Narvaux (11 Nov 2005): some signs of maturity but not oxidized [H.Steininger]
  • Meursault l'Ormeau (29 Sep 2006): oxidized [H. Steininger & friends]
  • Meursault Perrieres (26 Apr 2005): not oxidized [H. Steininger]
  • Meursault Perrieres (8 Jan 2006): not oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (Oct -Dec 2008): three bottles opened; none oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (23 Mar 2009): partially oxidized but still quite nice to drink [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (3 Jul 2009): completely oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (24 Apr 2010): not oxidized, but fully mature [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (22 Nov 2010): not oxidized, but fully mature [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (10 Oct 2011): not oxidized, nicest bottle in some time [Don Cornwell]


  • Meursault Narvaux (11 Nov 2005): absolutly not oxidized [H.Steininger]
  • Meursault Narvaux (2005/06): Two bottles. Sound, needing time [Sam Chafe]
  • Meursault l'Ormeau (29 Sep 2006): not oxidized [H. Steininger & friends]


  • Meursault Les Perrieres (2006/07): Seven bottles, four maderised, two average, one good [Sam Chafe]
  • Meursault Les Perrières (25 Aug 2008): perfect cork: not oxidized: outstanding bottle [Keith Akers]


  • Meursault Genevrieres (12 Feb 2006): not oxidized [Mike During]
  • Meursault Perrieres (30 Jun 2006): very tired, caramel & pear. A little bit better the next day [H. Steininger & friends]
  • Meursault Perrieres (24 Feb 2007): not oxidized; good, improved over 2 hours [Joe Durnell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (28 Feb 2007): not oxidized; excellent --see related tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (Sep 08-Dec 08): three bottles, none oxidized; all excellent [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (4 Apr 2009): more advanced than the prior bottles and lacked the incredible minerality [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (25 Nov 2009): now almost completely mature, decent but lacking the incredible minerality it had previously. Drink up. [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Charmes (25 March 2007): Bright yellow, slightest hint of oxidative aromas, not much else on the nose, not unpleasant, but a bit muted [Hillard Sharf]
  • Meursault Charmes (5 Jan 2008): Again, bright yellow, same as the last bottle, modestly but definitely oxidized, more unpleasant than the above bottle. [Hillard Sharf]
  • Meursault Charmes (August 2007): deep yellow colour, hint of gold; not oxidized, but quite advanced altough with some mineralty left; [René Gleissner]
  • Meursault Charmes (Feb. 2010 ): deep golden colour, unclean nose, oxidised ( Rainer Guntermann )
  • Puligny Caillerets (Dec 2005): caramel and oxidized flavors apparent. Not undrinkable, but going there... swiftly [Rick Gregory]
  • Puligny Caillerets (Aug 2006): Not oxidized; leesy, yeasty, fresh, quite good [Frank Drew]
  • Puligny Caillerets (10 Oct 2006): Not oxidized, excellent wine [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Caillerets (28 Feb 2007): not oxidized, again excellent -- see related tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Caillerets (3 Jul 2009): completely oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Caillerets (21 Jun 2010): not oxidized [Don Cornwell]


  • Meursault Charmes (2009): Two bottles, both maderised [Sam Chafe]
  • Meursault Charmes (Feb 2011): oxidised and undrinkable [ejlammer]
  • Meursault Narvaux (Oct 2007): not oxidised, but tiring - possibly due to poor storage [MLee]
  • Puligny Caillerets (18 Jun 2007): controversial wine; probably partially oxidized; others weren't as sure. See notes of 2000 tasting. [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Caillerets (23 Feb 2008): not oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Caillerets (21 Jun 2010): not oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Caillerets (30 Sep 2010): not oxidized [Don Cornwell]


  • Meursault Charmes (Apr 2007): Two out of two bottles clearly oxidised and undrinkable. Corks on both bottles were good and gave a good seal. [Gareth Miles]
  • Meursault Charmes (Jan 2009): Perhaps early oxidation, not bad to drink. [Frank Drew]
  • Meursault Perrieres (Nov 2007): Premox. Over six months, all of these have been advanced, with some drinkable and some not. Alas, this one was not. [Joe Durnell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (May 2008) started out ok but tired very quickly - drink up (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Le Pre de Manche (Dec 2009): Not at all oxidized, excellent bottle [Frank Drew]


  • Meursault Perrieres (9 Jun 2006): unusually advanced, oxidized flavors apparent, [Ben Delancy]
  • Meursault Perrieres (June 2009): three bottles of very expensive white wine vinegar.
  • Meursault Charmes (March 2013): Not oxidized but fully ready [Frank Drew]


  • Meursault Tillets (Aug 2008): very advanced, oxidized flavors apparent,but still drinkable [Ben Delancy]
  • Meursault Tillets (Feb 2010): oxidized; bleached cork, blue tinge, silicone used; [Ben Delancy]
  • Meursault Charmes (Sep 2010): bleached cork, blue tinge, silicone used; but wine in great shape, still very youthful [Ben Delancy]
  • Puligny Caillerets ( Nov 2013): partially oxidised, drinkable but not good[B.Henry]
  • Puligny Caillerets (March 2014) 2 bottles, both excellent[b.henry]
  • Puligny Caillerets (May 2014) just slightly off, drinkable, but not nearly as good as above[b henry]
  • Puligny Caillerets (August 2014) Bummer, last bottle totally oxidised! [b.henry]


  • Puligny Caillerets (Mar 2013): not oxidized, very good [MLT]
  • Puligny Caillerets (Jul 2013): oxidized [MLT]
  • Puligny Caillerets (Sept 2013): oxidized [MLT]


  • Meursault Charmes (Sept 2014): 14 out of 15 bottles were not oxidized and were very good. One bottle was oxidized [Kent M]
  • Meursault Charmes (January 2015): 5 out of 5 bottles were not oxidized and were very good. [Kent M]
  • Meursault (Sept 2017): clearly oxidized. [Kurt]