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  • Chablis Vaudesir (Dec 2011): totally oxidized, undrinkable [F. Panaïotis]


  • Chablis Blanchot (2005): dark, oxidized, dead (2 bottles) [Alan Weinberg]
  • Chablis Clos (pre 2004): Oxidised [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Chablis Clos (Dec 2005): not oxidised [WK Choy]
  • Chablis Clos (May 2006) Totally oxidized (Joseph Linder)
  • Chablis Grenouille (Jan 2005, Dec 2005): Maybe not oxidized, but awkward, drying finish (oak?) [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Montmains (April 2004): Oxidized [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Montee de Tonnerre (2004): no problems, outstanding [Steve Malanga]
  • Chablis Montee de Tonnerre (June 2002, July 2004): Not oxidized, very good, bright, minerally, young [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Montee de Tonnerre (23/9/05): Nose clearly maderised, palate dry, acidic and watery [Sam Chafe]
  • Chablis Montee de Tonnerre (11-19-2005): Oxidized. [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Chablis Montee de Tonnerre (March 2006): Starting to oxidize but not unpleasant to drink [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Vaillons (Aug 1998): Not oxidized, correct in every way [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Vaillons (April 2003, April 2004): Oxidized, candied flavors [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Vaillons (Sep 2006): Again, oxidized. No miraculous recovery [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Valmur (2005): really badly oxidized [Will Gau]
  • Chablis Valmur (July 2004, Nov 2004): Oxidized both times, candied, Nov. bottle also corked [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Valmur (Nov 2005): Not so bad, but still somewhat oxidized, jangly acidity [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Valmur (Sep 2006): Totally oxidized [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Valmur (Jan 2008): Oxidized, different importer than others [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Valmur (May 2008): completely oxidized [Charlie Carnes]
  • Chablis Vaudesir (2004): Oxidized [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Chablis Vaudesir (2005): excellent, not oxidized [Alan Weinberg]
  • Chablis Vaudesir (2005) really badly oxidized [Will Gau]
  • Chablis Vaudesir (Mar 2006): really excellent, not oxidized [Will Gau]
  • Chablis Vaudesir (Nov 2004): Not oxidized, quite good, rich and balanced [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Vaudesir (March 2006): Starting to oxidize, but still rich and fun to drink [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Vosgros (July 2004, Feb 2006): Oxidized and wierd, vegetal, sweet/sour quality [Frank Drew]
  • Chablis Vaudesir (March 2007) Pretty badly oxidized [Mike Burke]


  • Chablis Valmur (Dec 2005): quite badly oxidised, cork bleached with blue tinge [Paul Dellar]
  • Chablis Valmur (March 2006) drinkable but clear signs of oxidation (Simon Davies)


  • Chablis Montée de Tonnerre (Nov 2014): very badly oxidised [Basil Jarmood]


  • Chablis Vaillons (June 2010): Bright, plenty of fruit and acidity, needs time, no oxidation [Hillard Sharf]
  • Chablis Grenouille (Feb 2011): lovely wine, no oxidation [I. Hickman]


  • Puligny (??): haven't seen a problem in these yet [S. Malanga] This is in the wrong place since Droin only makes Chablis (maybe Drouhin?)


  • Chablis Vosgros (Nov 07). Drinking well, rich style. Not oxydised [Odd Rydland]


  • Chablis Les Clos (Nov 07). Not oxidised, though not the best Les Clos I have had [Adrian Latimer]


  • Chablis Vaudesir (April 2011) Not oxidized, in fact, this was one of the best examples of chablis I've ever had. [Mikelav]


  • Chablis Montmains (June 2013): two bottles consumed, both excellent [droch]


  • Chablis Fourchaume (July 2017): one bottle not oxidized, excellent [T Boyer]