Background Information

  • In vintage 2010: abandoned natural cork and converted to DIAM closures



  • Chassagne 1er Cru Les Grandes Ruchottes(Oct 2010) badly oxidised [I. Hickman]
  • Chassagne 1er Cru Les Grandes Ruchottes (Dec 2010) even worse than the previous bottle [I. Hickman]
  • Chassagne Vide Bourse (April 2013): Mature, gold color, but not oxicized. Nice wine [A Fenster]


  • Chassagne Vide Bourse(Dec 2007): badly oxidized [K.T.]
  • Chassagne Vide Bourse(Jan 2008): badly oxidized [K.T.]
  • Chassagne Vide Bourse (Jan 2008): very mature, but not oxydized, good wine [K.T.]


  • Chassagne Grandes Ruchottes(Nov 2007): very good wine, not oxydized [K.T.]
  • Chassagne Grandes Ruchottes(Aug 2011): initially seemed good, but oxidised rapidly [Nick Kernoghan]
  • Chassagne Grandes Ruchottes (Apr 2012): not oxidised, very good [Nick Kernoghan]
  • Chassagne Vide Bourse(28 Feb 2007): not oxidized -- see related tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Chassagne Vide Bourse(Nov 2011): not oxidised, very good [Nick Kernoghan]
  • Chassagne Vide Bourse (Feb 2012): not oxidized, very good [Nick Kernoghan]


  • Chassagne Morgeot (Nov 2008) Magnum; not oxidized [David Honig]


  • Chassagne Morgeot (May 2013) not oxidized very nice wine (R DeAngelo)


  • Chassagne Grandes Ruchottes (Feb 2010): not oxidized [Jake Hartinger]

  • Chassange Grandes Ruchottes (april 2015): Beautiful, mature, crisp wine. Not a hint of oxidizion. Taste twice. (R. Jorgensen)