Background Information

  • In vintage 2002: "The ‘02s are very rich and thus I did less bâtonnage compared to the ‘01s because I was afraid they might become top heavy."
  • In vintage 2003: almost no batonnage; domaine admits picking "too late"
  • In vintage 2004: picked late; domaine says that some lots suffered from an unusual bacterial problem--bacteria that cause an oily, ropy, filament-like appearance and texture.
  • In vintage 2005: according to Tanzer, Fichet "moves the lees without aerating them, making a point not to lose any gas." Presumably this means that like Drouhin and some others he rolls the barrels rather than stirs the lees.
  • In vintage 2010: (per Burghound): bottles with 30 to 32 ppm free SO2



  • Meursault (October 2015): Not oxidized; fully mature. [William Kelley]


  • Meursault Les Chevalieres (June 2007): Not oxidized; medium gold; rich, excellent wine. Drink up. [Frank Drew]


  • Meursault Les Gruyaches(June 2007): Modestly, but clearly oxidized. [Hillard Sharf]
  • Meursault Meix Sous le Chateau(Aug 2007): Not oxidized, but corked [Frank Drew]
  • Meursault Meix Sous le Chateau(Feb 2009): Not oxidized; creamy, fruit driven [Frank Drew]
  • Meursault Les Gruyaches (Sept 2009): Not oxidized, pale yellow color, long finish, minerals. [Hillard Sharf]


  • Meursault Les Chevalieres(May 2006): No sign of oxidation [Paul Dellar]
  • Meursault Les Chevalieres(Oct 2008): No sign of oxidation, indeed fresh and enjoyable [Paul Dellar].
  • Meursault Les Tessons(Mar 2009): Modestly oxidised. still delicious [Peter Wearing]
  • Meursault Les Tessons(Dec 2009): Pail yellow color, No oxidation, minerals, fresh, perfect soft cork [Hillard Sharf]
  • Meursault Les Gruyaches (Dec 2009) no oxidation, quite fresh and age appropriate [Bill Lawrence]


  • Meursault Les Criots(July 2007) not oxidized - very nice villages (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Chevalieres(Jan 2012) not oxidized, good [Nick Kernoghan]
  • Meursault Les Tessons(Aug 2009): Not oxidized; youthful [David Honig]
  • Mersault Les Tessons (Sept 2009) : Badly oxidized, three bottles tried. Fino sherry flavour & colour (Ø Gulseth)


  • Meursault le Tesson(Feb 2009):not oxidised [Dennis Ward]
  • Meursault Le Tesson (Nov 2011): oxidised (K Röell)


  • Bourgogne Blanc(Jan - Sep 2007): 21 bottles none oxidised - house white! [Dennis Ward]
  • Bourgogne Blanc(Oct 2007): 2 bottles none oxidised [Dennis Ward]
  • Bourgogne Blanc Vielles Vignes(Jun 2007): not oxidised [Dennis Ward]
  • Bourgogne Blanc Vielles Vignes(Sep 2007): not oxidised [Dennis Ward]
  • Bourgogne Blanc Vieilles Vignes(Nov 2007): Tasted three times-not oxidised [Steinar Midttømme]
  • Meursault le Tesson(Mar 2009):not oxidised [Dennis Ward]
  • Meursault le Tesson(Aug - Nov 2009):2 bottles oxidised, one not [Steinar Midttømme]
  • Meursault Les Gruyaches(Dec 2008 - Mar 2009): 5 bttls. not oxidised [Dennis Ward]
  • Meursault Les Gruyaches (Oct 2011) mature, drink soon [Bill Lawrence]


  • Bourgogne Blanc Vieilles Vignes (Nov 2007): Tasted three times-not oxidised [Steinar Midttømme]
  • Meursault le Tesson(Nov 2014): showing signs of early-stage oxidation [William Kelley]


  • Meursault (June 2010): Not Oxidised. [I Hickman]
  • Meursault le Tesson (July 2012): 1 bottle oxidised, 1 bottle ok [Magnus Wold Ueland]