Background information

Editor's (Don Cornwell) opinion: Matrot unfortunately is in the group of producers who have the highest incidence of premature oxidation, one of the proverbial "poster children" for premature oxidation. See this page.

  • In vintage 1995: apparently used batonnage for the first time ever. Stirred the lees (frequency not disclosed) until the end of ML fermentation.
  • In vintage 1996: Allegedly no batonage done here (but status not clear).
  • In vintage 1999: batonnage status unknown.
  • In vintage 2000: batonnage status unknown.
  • In vintage 2002: batonnage status unknown
  • In vintage 2003: almost no batonnage; lees stirred only twice
  • In vintage 2004: Per IWC Issue 122 (Sept/Oct 2005): chose not to treat the vines against oidium
  • In vintage 2006: Harvested very late
  • In vintage 2008: Harvested very late and complains that the style is sur-maturite
  • In vintage 2011: Per IWC issue 164 (Sept/Oct 2012): "Matrot was retaining maximum CO2 so that he could use minimal SO2." Unfortunately, this merely confirms something I have suspected for a very long time, ever since Thierry took over.



  • Meursault Perrieres (February 2012): no oxidation, better after 1 hour open [Shawn C Paul]


  • Puligny Les Chalumeaux (Jan 2003): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]


  • Puligny Les Chalumeaux (Mar 2003): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]


  • Meursault Perrieres(1/29/2006): no oxidation [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Meursault Perrieres(1/26/2007): no oxidation [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Meursault Perrieres ([[tel:10/6/2009|10/6/2009]]): no oxidation [Nathan Vandergrift]


  • Meursault-Blagny(13 Sep 2008): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault-Blagny(6 Feb 2009): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault-Blagny(24 Sep 2009): no oxidation, great bottle [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault-Blagny(24 Sep 2010): no oxidation, very good bottle [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Sep 2004): no oxidation [John Gilman]
  • Meursault Perrieres(25 Jan 2006): no oxidation, incredibly good, see 96 tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(30 Jan 2007): not oxidized, but not nearly as good as bottle in Jan 06 [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(17 Feb 2008): no oxidation, quite ready, great minerally, acid spine, lemons, oily texture, long finish. [Paul Hagerman]
  • Meursault Perrieres(May 2008): oxidized but still drinkable, I guess it's hard to kill a great wine. I would quote the above note, but add that the wine was quite advanced, and would probably have been undrinkable soon enough. [Paul Hagerman]
  • Meursault Perrieres(18 Mar 2010): (Euro label, very beaten up, acquired at auction): not oxidized and absolutely incredible bottle with great acidity and minerality [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(18 July 2010): not oxidized, but not nearly as good as the March bottle [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(23 Feb 2011): showing signs of maturity, but not oxidized. See 95-2000 Retrospective notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux(1/13/2007): not oxidized. [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Puligny Combettes(25 Jan 2006): partially oxidized, see 96 tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Combettes(8/29/2006): not oxidized. [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Puligny Combettes (9/19/2009): not oxidized. [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Puligny Combettes (3/8/2016): slight oxidation, fully mature, outstanding bottle.


  • Meursault(19 July 2002): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault Perrieres(June/July/Aug 2009): Two of five more advanced than they should be. One shot. Possible cork leakage though. [Gareth Miles]
  • Meursault Perrieres (April, 2011). Another good one, to add to one that was fine over Christmas. [Gareth Miles]


  • Meursault Charmes(6 Sep 2003): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault Charmes(23 Dec 2006): no oxidation, but one out of two bottles was corked, as it happens [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault Charmes(4 May 2007): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault Perrières(2 Feb 2008): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault Perrières (5 Sep 2008): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]


  • Meursault Blagny(January 2008): very fresh and not oxidized, excellent[ER]
  • Meursault Chevalières(Mar 2009): Oxidized; Joseph Matrot label [Frank Drew]
  • Meursault Perrieres(30 Jan 2007): Not oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(28 Feb 2007): Partially oxidized but still marginally outstanding -see related tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(5 March 2007): No oxidation, still very primary, minerals [Hillard Sharf]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Nov 2006) - not oxidized - great bottle - very young (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrieres(July 2007) - oxidized (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrieres(Oct 08-Jan 09): seven bottles, both US and Euro labels, five oxidized and two very nice [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(6 May 2009): (Euro label) this time not oxidized and excellent [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Dec 2009): very advanced wine, not oxy but a bit tired [Wes Jennison]
  • Meursault Perrieres(26 Feb 2010): (Euro label) advanced and slightly off, but not oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Charmes(April 24 2010): severally oxidized. cloudy with very advanced color. undrinkable. [Stu Jakub]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux(Feb 2002): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux(May 2008): Not oxidized but very New World [Frank Drew]
  • Puligny Combettes(July 2006): Not oxidized, bit chunky and four square. (J. Gilman)
  • Puligny Combettes(Aug 2007): Fully oxidized, deep gold color [Frank Drew]
  • Puligny Combettes (August 2009): Oxidized [Karl Wee]


  • Meursault(Oct 2008): oxidized (M.Egerhei)
  • Meursault Chevalières(August 2009): Oxidized [Karl Wee]
  • Meursault Chevalières(Jan 2010): Not oxidized, terrific bottle, bright and tight; Joseph Matrot label [Frank Drew]
  • Meursault Perrieres(5 Feb 2008): no oxidation. Fabulous wine. See 2000 tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(11 June 2009): Partially oxidized. At first seemed okay, but clearly not as good as prior bottle. After 30 mins a sherry/chemical top note appeared [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(21 Aug 2009): Not oxidized, rich, plenty of minerals, very good. [Hillard Sharf]
  • Meursault Perrieres(26 Mar 2010): not oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux(7 May 2004): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux (1 Sep 2006): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]


  • Meursault(14 Dec 2007): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Aug 2007): oxidized (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrieres(March 2008) not oxidized (R DeAngelo)
  • Puligny Combettes (Aug 2007): oxidized (R DeAngelo)


  • Meursault(July 2007): not oxidized - excellent villages (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault(Jan 2008): not oxidized - unbleached cork, no silicone; very youthful, excellent (Ben Delancy)
  • Meursault Chevaliers(Aug 2006): Not oxidized; young, vibrant, excellent potential [Frank Drew]
  • Meursault Chevaliers(2006): 24 bottles; 8-10 bottles were slightly to very oxidized [Nick Eanet]
  • Meursault Perrieres(30 Jan 2007): not oxidized; extraordinary [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Sept 2008): not oxidized, excellent wine, very young [Ben Delancy]
  • Meursault Perrieres(May 2009): excellent, not oxidized [Joe Durnell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(4 Feb 2010): not oxidized. See 2002 Tasting Notes, Night One. [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(21 March 2010) Perfect bottle, not oxidized, exceptional. [Regan McCaffery]
  • Meursault Perrieres(23 March 2013) excellent bottle, not oxidized. [Ben Delancy]
  • Meursault Perrieres (May 2015) Oxidised (R Jorgensen)
  • Puligny Combettes(Aug 2006): no oxidation, very good (matched a bottle tried last year) [Joe Durnell]
  • Puligny Combettes(Feb 2007): deep yellow color, missing the vibrancy of previous bottles. drinkable but not representative of what it's been. [Joe Durnell]
  • Puligny Combettes(Feb 2007): back to normal, i.e. very good. So far 1/6 bottles have been prematurely oxidised. [Joe Durnell]
  • Puligny Combettes(Jan-Mar 2009): five bottles-two partially oxidized, one very advanced and two okay but marginal [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Combettes(May 2009); very good, not oxidized [Joe Durnell]
  • Puligny Combettes(Apr 2010): not oxidized [AT Bridge]
  • Puligny Combettes(15 Apr 2010): not oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Combettes(July 2010): not oxidized, very good [Robert Thornton]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux(Jan-June 2008): five bottles, three very notably advanced and two completely oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux(July 2008) not oxidized - painfully young (R DeAngelo)
  • Puligny Chalumeaux(Sept 2008) 3 bottles - all oxidized. From the same source as the July 08 bottle. (R DeAngelo)
  • Puligny Chalumeaux(May 2010) showing first signs of oxidation. (Ben Delancy)
  • Puligny Chalumeaux (Oct 2010) not really oxidized, but tired not particularly vibrant (Ben Delancy)


  • Meursault Charmes (June through Sept 2010): Not oxidized. Very good and not marred by the vintage. [David Honig]


  • Meursault-Perrieres(Mar 2010 - Oct 2010) - Slightly variable from a case. but not troubled. Very good to outstanding. Showing well in October. [Jim Coley]
  • Meursault Perrieres(May 2011): right on schedule the Matrot 2004s turn premox....fortunately my last bottle, as the wine was never compelling [Joe Durnell]
  • Meursault Perrieres (7/10 and 9/11): Two 750s, not oxidized [David Honig]
  • Meursault Perrieres (9/12): Another 750, still sound and strong, but more advanced than prior bottles and with uncertain future [David Honig]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux (1 Nov 2010): Didn't come across as oxidised, but a bit unusual for the wine, somewhat vegetal [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux (7/09 through 11/10): Four 750s and a magnum, all in fine condition [David Honig]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux (9/12): Another magnum in fine condition [David Honig]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux (2/14): Magnum, oxidized [David Honig]
  • Puligny Combettes (12/10 through 4/12): Several 750s and a magnum. Starting in late 2011, 750s are mostly oxidized [David Honig]
  • Puligny Combettes (March and June 2014): Magnums, not oxidized, excellent [David Honig]


  • Bourgogne Chardonnay(Sep 2006-Feb 2008): no oxidation, five bottles tried, screwcapped [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Bourgogne Blanc(20 Jan 2011 & Feb 2011): non oxidation, stelvin closure [Gregg G]
  • Meursault(April 2010): Oxidized [Eric Brown]
  • Meursault(Dec 2010): Oxidized, color was not bad but aroma, not pleasant flavor = oxidized [Mark C. Johnson]
  • Meursault Charmes(Feb 2010): Oxidized [Jayaram Bhat]
  • Meursault Charmes(April 2011): Not oxidized; fresh, nutty and very good [Frank Drew]
  • Meursault Chevalières(March 2011): Second rate apple juice. Sad, as this was really quite good on three other occasions. [Jim Coley]
  • Meursault Perrieres(July 2010): A bit dark in color, but no aromatic or taste indications of premox [Michael Malinoski]
  • Meursault Perrieres (July 2012) Not oxidized. Simply awesome. This needs another ten years to peak. [Regan McCaffery]
  • Meursault Perrieres (Feb 2014) Not oxidized; stunning [David Honig]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux(October 2010) from a 375, a whiff of oxidation, but managed to pull itself together; little P-M character [Ralph Earle]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux (Feb 2014) Not oxidized [David Honig]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux (Oct 2014) Magnum, not oxidized, excellent [David Honig]
  • Puligny Combottes(Feb 2012): Oxidized, completely dead [Rick Dalia]
  • Puligny Combottes (Feb 2012): 2nd bottle, not oxidized, lovely [Rick Dalia]
  • Puligny Combettes (Sept 2014) Magnum, not oxidized, excellent [David Honig]
  • Meursault Perrieres (July 2015): oxidized [Bill Lawrence]


  • Meursault Chevaliers(Oct 2010): Not oxidized, but a bit ordinary, slightly hollow middle [Ralph Earle]
  • Puligny Chalumeaux (May 2011): 1 bottle terribly oxidized, while another bottle from the same case was not oxidized. The non-oxidized bottle was a nice bottle. [M Gillick]

  • Bourgogne Blanc(Aug 2010): not oxidized.[Gregg G]
  • Bourgogne Chardonnay(Aug 2010): not oxidised; screwcapped [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Aug 2010): not oxidized. Very fresh and vibrant.
  • Meursault Perrieres(Feb 2011): not oxidized. Perfect.
  • Meursault Perrieres(March 2011): not oxidized. Pristine [Gregg G]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Oct 2011): badly oxidized. Undrinkable [Gregg G]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Oct 2011): partially oxidized. 2nd btl from same night [Gregg G]
  • Meursault Perrieres (3 Feb 2015): a very advanced wine that was universally agreed to be the worst wine among 30 at the first night of the 2007 Vintage Assessment dinner See the notes. [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Combettes(April 2011): not oxidized [Gregg G]
  • Puligny Combettes(Jun 2011): not oxidized [MLT]
  • Puligny Combettes (July 2011): not oxidized [Gregg]
  • Puligny Combettes (Oct 2013): Magnums, excellent [David Honig]
  • Meursault AC (December 2012): 3 half bottles badly oxidized, 3 half bottles wonderful [Paul D]


  • Bourgogne Blanc(Mar 2011): not oxidised [Nick Kernoghan]
  • Meursault Charmes (Oct 2014): One bottle in 2/2013 was a bit advanced but sound. The other 11 bottles in the case were oxidized 10/2014. All were impeccably sourced in France and properly shipped and stored [David Honig]
  • Meursault Charmes (Dec 2014): One bottle sourced from reputable UK merchant oxidised (and undrinkable) [Jonathan L]


  • Meursault Charmes (Apr 2015): Half bottle, no premox, very good [Adrian Latimer]
  • Meursault AC (Sept 2016): 750 ml bottle. Badly oxidized. [Kjetil Finsrud]


  • Meursault Chevaliers (Sept 2016): Weird. deep yellow, definitely advanced, rather fat with sharp acidity. In restaurant in Vermont. Heading fast for premox? (Adrian Latimer)