Background information

  • In vintage 1996: batonnage known to have occurred, but frequency and length unknown.
  • In vintage 2003:"I did virtually no bâtonnage and I was afraid that they would take up too much wood so I racked them into stainless in May. During the élevage the wines ate a lot of SO2 and I decided to bottle with more CO2 as well."
  • In vintage 2004: "considerable lees stirring until the end of the malolactic fermentation (and, in a few cases, even later than that.")



  • Chassagne Chenevottes (Nov-Dec 2005): 3 bottles, 2 ok, 1 tired [G Deschamps]


  • Batard-Montrachet (May 2015): not oxidized but not very exciting [J. Poell]


  • Batard-Montrachet (Aug 2003): two bottles, neither oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Batard Montrachet (Mar 2012): 7 out of 9 bottles oxidized. The 2 good ones, superb (George Ho)
  • Chassagne Virondot (Feb. 2009): completely oxidized [P.M.]


  • Chassagne Virondot (Jan. 2008): completely oxidized [K.T.]
  • Chassagne Virondot Feb. 2008): slightly oxidized, but still good [K.T.]
  • Batard Montrachet (Feb. 2008): somewhat oxidised, not showing grand cru quality at all [K.T.]
  • Batard Montrachet (November 2012): 3 bottles, all good (George Ho)
  • Chassagne Virondot (March 2008): from half bottle; oxidized, draino [P Hagerman]


  • Chassagne En Virondot (Nov 2005): some oxidation, very tired [JE Simond]
  • Chassagne Les Vergers (Jan 2011): Not oxidized. Burnished gold color. Creamy mouthfeel, great balance. [Kurt]
  • Batard Montrachet (December 2013): not oxidized. Drinking well (George Ho)


  • Chassagne En Virondot (Nov 2005): fresh and intense, very good wine, no oxidation [JE Simond]
  • Chassagne Virondot (Apr 2007): not oxidised, perfect drinking now [MLee]
  • Chassagne En Virondot (2009): Three bottles, non-oxidised. One young, others drinking well, so some variability [Gareth Miles]


  • Chassagne Les Chenevottes (March 2005) Not oxidized. Excellent [Henrik Magnusson]
  • Chassagne Les Chenevottes (November 2006) Not oxidized. Excellent [Henrik Magnusson]


  • Chassagne En Virondot (Oct 2007): Fresh, intense, young. [G Miles]
  • Chassagne En Virondot (2008/2009): Four bottles, non oxidised. Still too young. [Gareth Miles]
  • Chassagne En Virondot (May 2011): First oxidised bottle, still drinkable but advanced. Two previous bottles recently were starting to hit their stride.


  • Bourgogne (17 Oct 2005): not oxidised [G Deschamps]
  • Chassagne Blanchots Dessus (Sept 2012): not oxidized, needed air actually [MLT]
  • Chassagne Blanchots Dessus (Apr 2013): not oxidized [MLT]
  • Chassagne En Virondot (Jun 2005): two bottles, neither oxidised [G Deschamps]
  • Chassagne Les Vergers (Dec 2008): not oxidised [Dennis Ward]
  • Chassagne Les Vergers (Feb 2009): not oxidised [Dennis Ward]
  • Chassagne Les Vergers (Nov 2013): 6 bottles not oxidized-delicious and at peak [R Younger]
  • Chassagne Morgeot (Dec 2008): not oxidised [Dennis Ward]
  • Chassagne Morgeot (Feb 2009): not oxidised [Dennis Ward]
  • Chassagne Chatenière (Oct 2010): not oxidised, but I was suspicious at first as quite faded vs bottles from a year or two ago. Cellar Tracker notes suggest that other tasters have observed the same thing. I think it is more a lack of acidity than premox. [CCN]
  • Batard Montrachet (August 2012): Pre-mox central. Still a little drinkable, but why would you *shrug*
  • Batard-Montrachet (March 2012): From magnum. Fresh and sound. [David Honig]
  • Chevalier-Montrachet (June 2013): From magnum. Retains site character and nobility, but mature. Not for long keeping if this is representative. [David Honig]

  • Chassagne En Virondot (Jan 2011): oxidised and undrinkable [Peter Skarsgard]
  • Chassagne en Virondot ( May 2014), very gold, but nose is lovely, no ox, I wouldn't wait any longer though[B.Henry]
  • Chassagne en Virondot (Dec 2014) paler gold, fabulous nose/wine, no problem here [b.henry]

  • Chassagne En Virondot (Jan 2011): not oxidised [Peter Skarsgard]
  • Montrachet (Aug 2012): not oxidized [MLT]


  • Chassagne Montrachet Les Blanchots Dessous (June 2010): Oxidized. Yuck!! [David McMahon]
  • Chassagne Montrachet Les Blanchots Dessous (Aug 2011): Not oxidised. Beautifully balanced and poised. [Kurt]


  • Chassagne Montrachet (April 2011): not oxidised [W.L.]
  • Chassagne Montrachet (June 2011): oxidised, not drinkable [W.L.]

  • Chassagne En Virondot (April 2014): no premox, gorgeous wine [GL]