Background information

General: Except for the Bourgogne, which is fermented in stainless steel, Pierre Morey ferments in 228 litre barrels, of which 20-25% are new for village level wines and 30-50% new for premier cru and grand cru wines. Lees are stirred two or three times per week until Christmas of the year of the vintage, after which it is usually a maximum of once per week, but much depends on the vintage. For exampe he did extensive batonnage on the 2007's. Wines are racked after malolactic fermentation is completed and the gross lees are removed but the fine lees retained to nourish the wines during the summer. Sometimes racks the wines a second time in the fall of the next year. After tasting and analyzing each wine, a decision is made whether to to fine and/or filter each wine. In most cases, the wines are fined with a low dose of casein and bentonite and then undergo a light sheet filtration. Bottling is usually 18-20 months after the vintage:
  • In vintage 1999: per Allen Meadows: "stirred the lees a full three times a week until Christmas of 2000. [sic--1999?]"
  • In vintage 2004: wines stirred 2-3 times per week until Christmas. Morey performed an extra racking to expose the wines to more oxygen. Wines bottled in May 2006.
  • In vintage 2005: per Stephen Tanzer (Issue 127)-"Pierre Morey practices the same batonnage regime for his domain wines as he does for his negociant offerings: he stirs the lees two or three times a week until Christmas."



  • Meursault Perrieres(Feb 2010): not oxidised, still needed a couple hours air [Dana Gaiser]
  • Batard-Montrachet (Sept 2010): Fully mature, excellent [J. Prandi]


  • Meursault Perrieres (August 2008): not oxidised [Marcus Kitchen]


  • Meursault Perrieres(29 Aug 2005): not oxidised but on the downward slope [G Deschamps]
  • Meursault Perrieres (9 April 2008): not oxidised and really as good as any '94 white; holding just fine, but at end of peak. [Stuart BeauneHead Niemtzow]


  • Meursault Charmes(2005): not oxidised [G Deschamps]
  • Batard-Montrachet (March 2007): Stellar - One of greatest white burgs ever drunk!! [MAFWeiss]
  • Meursault Perrieres (Oct 2013): Oxidized. [Corey Miler]


  • Batard-Montrachet(19 Oct 2005): no hint of oxidation, even after four hours. Excellent, rated 93+ [Don Cornwell]
  • Batard-Montrachet(1 Sept 2009): Oxidized and undrinkable. Shame. [AT Bridge]
  • Meursault(July 2006): not oxidised [Paul Dellar]
  • Meursault Charmes(23 Jan 2007): (Morey-Blanc) no sign of oxidation, very young, great wine [J. Prandi]
  • Meursault Charmes(Oct 2010): no signs of oxidation, high acidity and rather thin [ER]
  • Meursault Charmes (Sep 2012): no signs of oxidation, nice wine [ER]
  • Meursault Genevrières(Oct 2005): no signs of oxidation [ER]
  • Meursault Perrières(Feb 2005): no signs of oxidation [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres(25 Jan 2006): no sign of oxidation, very youthful-needs years, see 96 tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(5/17/07) No signs of oxidation - excellent bottle - needs a few more years. (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrieres(Aug 2008) no signs of oxidation - nice, needs a few more years. [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Oct 2008) not oxidized - great bottle (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrieres(Feb 2009) oxidized. (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrieres(February 2010): no oxidation (Marcus Kitchen)
  • Meursault Perrieres(18 Apr 2010): not oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(29 November 2011) not oxidized, even decanted (D Elam)
  • Meursault Perrieres (12 April 2012) not oxidized -- gorgeous (D Elam)
  • Montrachet (Aug 2009): Morey-Blanc : no hint of oxidation, but shockingly sulphurous, even after three hours. [Peter Sidebotham)
  • Meursault Perrières (Oct 2012): corked and perhaps slightly oxidized [ER]
  • Meursault Perrières (Nov 2013): not oxidized, high acidity, this is not a great white burgundy [ER]


  • Meursault Genevrières(Jun 2005): no signs of oxidation [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres(March 2007): Yum, not oxidised at all! [Paul Dellar]
  • Meursault-Perrieres(December 2010): no oxidation, 3 drunk last 2 months from same recent auction purchase case of 12. All a point & ageing nicely [MdeMorey]
  • Meursault Perrieres (June 2011): not oxidized and showing beautifully [Stu Jakub]


  • Meursault Perrieres (Sep 2006): no signs of oxidation [ER], one of the better 1998 chardonnays I tasted


  • Batard-Montrachet(March 2007): 2 bottes opened consecutively, but from different sources, both oxidized! [MAF Weiss]
  • Batard-Montrachet(Nov 2008): no signs of oxidation (and pretty good) [ER]
  • Batard-Montrachet(June 2011): no signs of oxidation, drinking fabulous [R Younger]
  • Batard-Montrachet (July 2015): oxidized [ER]
  • Batard-Montrachet (July 2015): oxidized [ER]
  • Corton-Charlemagne(March 2008): Fresh, very young. Lovely bottle, would like to give it a lot more time. [Paul Dellar]
  • Corton-Charlemagne(April 2010): Still youthful, no problem. [Paul Dellar]
  • Corton-Charlemagne(Aug 2011): No signs of oxidation, good but not great [ER]
  • Meursault(Sep 2005): (Morey-Blanc label) no signs of oxidation [ER]
  • Meursault(Mar 2006): (Morey-Blanc label) no signs of oxidation [ER]
  • Meursault(Dec 2007): (Morey-Blanc label) buttermilk [ER]
  • Meursault(Jan 2008): (PM label) No oxidation; fresh but slow to open [Frank Drew]
  • Meursault(Jan 2009): (Morey-Blanc label) buttermilk [ER]
  • Meursault(Feb 2010): (Morey-Blanc label) blue-green colour on the cork, oxidised [Bill Nanson]
  • Meursault Narvaux(Jan 2006): (Morey-Blanc label) not oxidized, with evolution [J Prandi]
  • Meursault Narvaux(April 2009): (Morey-Blanc label) oxidized, bleached cork with blue tinge halfway up [Ben Delancy]
  • Meursault Narvaux(October 2016): (Morey-Blanc label) not oxidized, ex-domaine, fully mature [William Kelley]
  • Meursault Tessons(May 2005): not oxidized [R DeAngelo]
  • Meursault Tessons(11 Oct 2005): no hint of oxidation - fine, rated 90+ [Michael Eder]
  • Meursault Tessons(26 Oct 2005): oxidized! [Michael Eder]
  • Meursault Tessons(Jan 2006): again oxidized (although not as heavy as previous bottle) [Michael Eder]
  • Meursault Tessons(August 2006): not oxidized, although far from exciting [Michael Eder]
  • Meursault Tessons(November 2006): once again oxidized [Michael Eder]
  • Meursault Tessons(23 Jan 2007): not oxidized, big wine [J Prandi]
  • Meursault Tessons(June 2010): Oxidized. Totally so. [Frank Drew]
  • Meursault Genevrières(Sep 2006): no signs of oxidation (and pretty good) [ER]
  • Meursault Genevrieres(Jan 2007): absolutely fine, decent wine [Paul Dellar}
  • Meursault Genevrières(Dec 2007): no signs of oxidation (nice wine) [ER]
  • Meursault Genevrières(Jan 2009): no signs of oxidation (still a nice wine) [ER]
  • Meursault Genevrieres(June 2009): not oxidised [Paul Dellar]
  • Meursault Genevrières(Nov 2009): no signs of oxidation [ER]
  • Meursault Perrières(Nov 2006): definitely some signs of oxidation [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Nov 2006) not oxidized - great bottle (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrières(Dec 2006): no signs of oxidation [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres(28 Feb 2007): completely oxidized and quite unpleasant -- see related tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Oct 2007): not oxidized - great showing. Off the list at Lameloise (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrières(Jan 2008): no signs of oxidation but more advanced than I had expected [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Jan 08) 3 bottles - 2 oxidized, 1 brilliant [R DeAngelo]
  • Meursault Perrieres(2 May 2009): partially oxidized and became quite unpleasant with a little air [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrières(Aug 2009): oxidized [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Dec 2009): fully oxy [Wes Jennison]
  • Meursaut Perrieres(Dec 2009): 2nd btl fully oxy and gone [Wes Jennison]
  • Meursault Perrieres(16 Jan 2010): after three consecutive oxidized bottles this one wasn't, but it was fully mature and had lost most of the trademark minerality. [Don Cornwell]
  • Meursault Perrières(Oct 2010): oxidized [ER]
  • Meursault Perrières (Feb 2011): after two oxidized bottles, this one showed signs of reduction that disappeared after 30 minutes or so. What was left was not very exciting [ER]


  • Meursault(Jun 2005): not oxidized [David Chan]
  • Meursault Bouchères(Jun 2005): not oxidized [David Chan]
  • Meursault Charmes(Jun 2005): not oxidized [David Chan]
  • Meursault Charmes(14 October 2008): not oxidized [Dana Gaiser]
  • Meursault Charmes(Oct 2010): not oxidized, I'm not impressed [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Dec 2005): not oxidized, excellent, what it should be [Alan Weinberg]
  • Meursault Poruzots(Oct 2005): no signs of oxidation [ER]
  • St Aubin 1er Cru(Feb 2005): no signs of oxidation [ER]
  • St Aubin 1er Cru(Oct 2005): oxidized [ER]
  • Meursault Charmes(Sep 2006): not oxidized [ER]
  • Meursault Perrières(Apr 2007): not oxidized [ER], grand chardonnay
  • Meursault Perrières(Aug 2009): not oxidized [ER], pretty good
  • Bâtard-Montrachet(Feb 2008): not oxidized [ER]
  • Bâtard-Montrachet(Apr 2009): oxidized [MLT]
  • Bâtard-Montrachet(Jan 2010): not oxidized [MLT]
  • Meursault Poruzots(Mar 2008): no signs of oxidation [ER]
  • Meursault Tessons(Feb 2010): not oxidised (GMatt)
  • Meursault Tessons(Dec 2011): not oxidised, very good [Nick Kernoghan]
  • Meursault Tessons(Mar 2012): not oxidized, excellent [Nick Kernoghan]
  • Meursault(Dec 2006): no problem, very enjoyable [Paul Dellar]
  • Meursault(April 2009): no problem, lovely village Meursault at peak [Paul Dellar]
  • Corton Charlemagne(July 2008) 3 bottles - 2 oxidized, 1 great. Purchased directly from the Domaine! (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrieres(Jan 2008) not oxidized - drinking very well (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrieres(Oct 2008) not oxidised - drinking well but with noticeable sulphur (R Brooks)
  • Meursault Perrieres(Dec 2008) not oxidized - not impressed (yet?) [ER]
  • Meursault(Oct 2008): Not oxidized [David Honig]
  • Meursault Narvaux(Feb 2010): 10 bottles, none oxidized, fabulous white burg easily upstaging following corton charlemagne[R Younger]
  • Meursault-Perrieres(November 2010): not oxidised, lovely [MdeMorey]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Dec 2008) not oxidized [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres (Dec 2014) very advanced; not undrinkable, but not a good bottle. [Corey Miller]


  • Meursault Perrieres(Oct 11) not oxidized and pretty good for the vintage [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres(Mar 13) not oxidized, very nice wine [ER]
  • Meursault Perrieres (July 15) oxidized [ER]


  • Meursault Charmes(Aug 08) not oxidized, excellent bottle (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Charmes(April 10) not oxidized, wound and coiled up beyond belief.
  • Meursault Perrieres(Sept 08) oxidized (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Perrieres(August and Sept 09): badly oxidized. Have had 5 bottles of this, of which an amazing one and four dead ones - pretty bad hit rate (T DeWaen)
  • Meursault Perrieres (Oct 09): oxidised, from same batch as DeWaen (B Gladstone)
  • Corton Charlemagne (April 2009) Not yet oxidized, but soft and fraying- 1st signs of premature oxidation (R DeAngelo)
  • Corton Charlemagne (July 2013) Not oxidized but at peak. Drink sooner than later. (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Tessons (June 2015) 3 bottles. All deep golden and oxidised (2 heavily 1 a little less)

  • Bâtard-Montrachet (January 2013) corked, not oxidized (Michiel Carpentier)
  • Bâtard-Montrachet (June 2012) oxidized (Michiel Carpentier)
  • Meursault(Mar 2010) Still drinkable but very advanced, unfortunately I suspect this is already on its way (Paul Dellar)
  • Meursault(Mar 2010) No problem with this bottle, much fresher and younger [Paul Dellar]
  • Meursault Tessons(Nov 2010): oxidised (Adam)
  • Bourgogne Chardonnay(December 2010): None oxidised of 6 drunk in recent weeks from auction purchase 12 bottle case. Very fresh, attractive BB [MdeMorey]
  • Meursault Tessons(Aug 2011) not oxidized but still showing a lot of sulphur (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault (Sep 2011) Severely oxidised, strong sherry-like aromas. Undrinkable. (Alan)
  • Meursault Bouchères (Morey-Blanc) (October 2016) not oxidized, great showing, still young (William Kelley).


  • Corton Charlemagne (June 2012): not oxidized [R Younger]
  • Meursault Gouttes d'Or (Oct 2013): not oxidized, 2 bottles both tight and delicious [R Younger]
  • Meursault Boucheres (Nov 2016) not oxidized but fully mature (R DeAngelo)
  • Meursault Tessons (Jan 2017) beautiful, taut and youthful - fantastic wine (William Kelley)
  • Bâtard-Montrachet (Feb 2017) early-stage premox, sherry notes spoiling what would otherwise have been a magnificent wine; ex-domaine like the Tesson tasted a month earlier (William Kelley)


  • Bâtard-Montrachet (June 2015) Stunning (Hervé Rodriguez)


  • Corton Charlemagne (Christmas Eve 2012): doubly-decanted, deep gold, irredeemably oxidized. from Last Bottle 11JAN12 [Ralph Earle]
  • Corton Charlemagne (Mar 13): second bottle DOA [Ralph Earle]
  • Meursault Charmes (Mar 13): light, little character, advanced, but not oxidized [Ralph Earle]
  • Meursault Charmes (Dec 2016) not oxidized - showing young and racy - very 07 (R DeAngelo)


  • Meursault Charmes (Nov 2016) not oxidized (R DeAngelo)