• Batard Montrachet (Nov. 2007): two bottles, neither oxidized [Don Cornwell]
  • Batard Montrachet (13 Aug 2011): not oxidized. Excellent wine. [Don Cornwell]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (4 Nov 2005): not oxidized. Very good. [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (March 2016) not oxidized (R DeAngelo)
  • Chassagne Caillerets (27 Aug 2007): not oxidized. [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Puligny Truffieres (March 2013): not oxidized although fully mature. Lovely (Al Fenster)


  • Batard Montrachet (3 July 2011) Completely oxidized [Glenn Levine]
  • Chassagne Embrazees (12 bottles, July through Oct 2009): Varying degrees of oxidization, some completely [Paul Klevgard]
  • Chassagne Vide Bourse (16 Oct 2009) completely oxidized [Ron Movich]
  • Puligny Truffieres (11 Feb 2007) Not oxidized. [Nathan Vandergrift]
  • Puligny Truffieres (Jan 2009): Classic premox. A shame, other bottles were really good. [Joe Durnell]
  • Puligny Truffiere (April 2013) oxidized (R DeAngelo)


  • Chassagne Caillerets (December 2006) oxidized [Henrik Magnusson]
  • Chassagne Vide Bourse(summer 2007 and summer 2008) two bottles, both excellent [David Honig]
  • Puligny Truffieres (June 2008) 2 bottles, both oxidized. At Ma Cuisine [R DeAngelo]


  • Batard Montrachet (Nov 2008) no signs of oxidation, great wine [MLT]
  • Puligny Truffieres (Oct 2012) not oxidized - from magnum - great showing (R DeAngelo)


  • Chassagne Morgeot (Feb 2009) quite yellow and advanced flavors, but not really oxidized [BDelancy]
  • Puligny Truffieres (June 2008) oxidized. At Ma Cuisine (R DeAngelo)
  • Puligny Truffieres (May 2009) young, vibrant and powerful - light yellow gold, plenty of acidity/minerality and fruit with a long finish - day 2 this wine was still young (MSaviage)
  • Puligny Truffieres (Jan 2010): no hints of pmox; drinking well now but could use more time as acidity is still bright. (MSaviage)


  • Chassagne Baudines (October 2010) medium yellow, initial hint of premox, double-decant rescued it; weak palate, more like a 2005 [Ralph Earle]
  • Chassagne Baudines (November 2010) medium yellow, no premox, subconscious fear of ox' made me drink it much too fast (well, that's my story, anyway); a bit light on the palate, again more like a 2005 [Ralph Earle]
  • Chassagne Chevenottes (May 2010) medium yellow, no premox, but probably one year past its peak [Ralph Earle]
  • Puligny Truffieres (March 2011): young, rich and fresh... great wine and no signs of premox (MSaviage)
  • Batard -Montrachet (Jan 2014): amazing, nothing not to love here[B.Henry]


  • Chassagne Caillerets(Apr 2012): no premox; young, fresh and fruit-forward (MSaviage)
  • Chassagne Morgeot (Jan 2010) 375ml: premox after 30min in decanter; oxidized 3 hours later [Ralph Earle]
  • Chassagne Morgeot (Oct 2011): 6 bottles no premox [R Younger]
  • Chassagne Embrazees (Oct 2011): 6 bottles no premox [R Younger]


  • Chassagne Macherelles (Sep 2010) hint of premox, blew off/opened up but weak, barely recognizable as C-M [Ralph Earle]
  • Chassagne Macherelles (Sep 2010) incipient premox, never opened up, down the drain; will not purchase more B. Morey [Ralph Earle]
  • Chassagne Embrazees (Oct 2011): 6 bottles no oxidation [R Younger]
  • Chassagne Morgeot (Oct 2011): 6 bottles no oxidation [R Younger]