• Corton Charlemagne (16/10/08): early maderisation, fairly coloured, disappointing [Sam Chafe].
  • Corton Charlemagne (18/6/09): better colour, soft, no backbone, not maderised but undistinguished [Sam Chafe].
  • Corton Charlemagne (Aug 2016): Not oxidized--quite nice, one of the best '98 whites I've drunk [AT Bridge]


  • Corton Charlemagne: (May 2010) not oxidized, excellent condition [Bill Lawrence]


  • Corton Charlemagne: (2/28/2009): not oxidized: good light gold color: good acidity and outstanding wine from a lower level producer (Keith Akers)
  • Corton Charlemagne: (3/20/2009): not oxidized: blue tinged cork, golden color at first, got lighter with air. Bottle came off as more mature then previous (Keith Akers)


  • Corton Charlemagne (Aug 2014): magnum not oxidized and perhaps best CC of 20 tasted same day [R Younger]
  • Corton Charlemagne (Sept 2014): not oxidized [R Younger]


  • Corton Charlemagne (May 2014): Not oxidized [R Younger]


  • Corton Charlemagne (Aug 2014): Tight and not oxidized [R Younger]