Background information

  • Vogüé makes white wine from chardonnay vines planted at the top of the Musigny vineyard. In 1993 and earlier vintages, the wine is labeled "Musigny Blanc". The vines were ripped up and replanted after the 1993 vintage. Since that time the wine has been declassified and because there is no AOC Chambolle-Musigny blanc, it has to go all the way down the hierarchy to Bourgogne Blanc. Vogüé is currently entitled to release this as a grand cru but did not do so for 22 years.
  • 2015 will be released as Musigny Blanc Grand Cru



  • Bourgogne Blanc (August 2012): Oxidized [Paul Ferrari]


  • Bourgogne Blanc (May 2010): Completely oxidized and undrinkable [MLT]
  • Bourgogne Blanc (Dec 2009): as above, dead. Luckily I had a terrible cold so did not miss much! (Adrian Latimer)
  • Bourgogne Blanc (Nov 2014): Not oxidized. Drinking well. [N. Lau]
  • Bourgogne Blanc (Nov 2014): Not oxidized. [N. Lau]
  • Bourgogne Blanc (Dec 2014): Not oxidized. [N. Lau]
  • Bourgogne Blanc (Jan 2014): Not oxidized. @Jean Georges. [N. Lau]


  • Bourgogne Blanc (2008-2009): Four bottles tasted over the course of a year and a half, two oxidized, two quite good and pristine [MLT]


  • Bourgogne Blanc(July 2009): not oxidised [Tom Reddick]
  • Bourgogne Blanc(Jan 13, 2010): not oxidized and quite good [Don Cornwell]
  • Bourgogne Blanc (May 2010): not oxidised [Will Cashman]


  • Bourgogne Blanc(March 2012): advanced and very high acidity, probably not oxidised but needs drinking up and the acidity is winning. Quite classy if lean, but certainly not grand cru status (Adrian Latimer)


  • Bourgogne Blanc(March 2014): no premox. Quite classy, but certainly not grand cru status and way overpriced (Adrian Latimer)


  • Bourgogne Blanc (Aug 2011): not oxidised [MLT]
  • Bourgogne Blanc (Dec 2012): not oxidized [MLT]